Civilized background

This background offers the biggest variety of guilds and playstyles.

Shadow Sabres

RoleMelee, focused on offense and defense
DescriptionDexterity-based melee guild that uses short blades. Thematically based around finesse and being stylish. They have a combo system that allows creating sequences of three attacks, both offensively and defensively oriented.
WeaponsShort blades
Important skillsSabre fence, Battle cadence, Sabre lunge, Mastery of short blades
Rep/questsSome combo skills can't be trained to 100%, but only improve with usage. Participating in some events gives style points that can provide some bonuses.
Other considerationsWhile the guild focuses on short blades, only some types of short blades actually work with their skills.
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RoleMounted melee, focused on defense
DescriptionMounted warriors thematically focused on being valiant and honorable. The guild offers defensive and offensive skills - however, both are fairly weak.
WeaponsSeveral types
Important skills 
Important spellsMoble mount
Rep/questsTraining skills requires completing the four knighthood paths.
Other considerationsKnights are prohibited from killing some types of mobs, and suffer penalties if they do. While thematically interesting, this guild is generally considered to be mechanically rather weak, and as a result very few people play it.
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RoleProtter, healer, blaster
DescriptionA "jack of all trades" guild that is actually good at some of its "trades". Bards are not very good solo, but they excel at party support - they can increase everyone's hpmax, heal, and offer plenty of utility songs ranging from decent to pointless.
Important skillsSongcasting, Songmastery, Songscribing, Instrument creation
Important songspellsCampfire tune, War ensemble, Con fioco, Sweet lullaby, Venturers vay
Rep/questsTaking bard levels requires completing various quests, some easy, others less so. Using bardic songs slowly increases your bardic might, which improves song effects.
Other considerationsAdvancing in the bards guild can be fairly slow, and often annoying. The guild requires some light roleplaying - to advance, you must complete quests and practice the songs. You are also required to write two bardic plays (one of which must be done together with another bard) and present them in front of an audience.
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RoleProtter, healer, blaster
DescriptionGuild thematically focused around studying of wildlife, monsters, plants, and so on. Mechanically, it offers good protective and healing spells, as well as blasting ones.
Important skillsCast protection, Mastery of shielding, Cast poison, Knowledge of toxicology, Study creature, Plant lore
Important spellsRacial protection, Minor protection, Herbal healing, Herbal poison blast, Bolt of knowledge
Rep/questsStudying mobs of various races gives you studymarks that improve your racial protection spells against that race. Having enough studymarks gives you a chance to cast blasting spells without consuming herbs. Completing guild quests increases spmax.
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DescriptionA mage-style guild that uses runes to cast spells. They are less effective than "pure" mages, but they offer a wide selection of spells and damage types, and can work with fairly low experience totals.
Important skillsRunic research, Method of runemagery, Quick chant, Craft runestone, Runescribing, cast X, masteries
Important runespellsThe big blasts
Other considerationsRunemages offer a lot of power at a low experience cost, but this comes with a cost - you are required to gather and study all your runes before you can cast any spell - this is a slow process that can easily take weeks (depending on your playtime). You also need to keep track of your runestones and replace them when their power runs out. Runemage spells are 1 round slower than their equivalent mage ones
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Civilized fighters

DescriptionMelee guild, focusing on brawling
Important skillsDirty fighting, Overbear, Pummel, Kick
Other considerationsThe guild can work decently for a new player, but quickly caps out.
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Civilized mages

DescriptionA weaker version of mages. Its main limitation is that it is restricted to the second best blasts, which are a lot weaker than the main mage ones. It also doesn't offer any good protective spells.
Important skillsCast X, masteries, Quick chant
Important spellsBlasts
Other considerationsThe guild can work decently for a new player, but quickly caps out. Would recommend joining folklorists or (if you don't mind runic research) runemages instead.
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RoleCreating and selling various things. Repairing and protecting items.
DescriptionMerchants are a non-combat guild focusing on offering a wide variety of support skills. Merchants can create weapons and armours, mine for materials and refine them, collect plants, repair and protect items from damage, create chests, mage reagents, archer ammo, mount gear, and more. They can also build ships.
Important skillsLots of them, depending what you want to focus on
Important spellsFeather weight, Protect armour/weapon, Lift of load, Floating disc
Rep/questsSome simple quests are required to advance. Offers a series of increasingly difficult quests that build up a toolbelt that gives various bonuses. Building ships also involves a series of quests. And then, there's minecrafting.
Other considerationsMaking exp as a merchant is very hard - if you want to be a merchant, it is much better to gain exp in some other build, then reinc into one.
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RoleBrewing potions and salves. Making alchemist rings and +stat pills.
DescriptionNon-combat guild focusing on creating potions and salves with various effects, as well as rings and +stat pills. They can do some other things, but these are their main ones.
Important skillsMix potion, Mix salve, Gutblade, Dissection, Mining, Plant lore
Important spellsPrepare flask, Mould ring
Other considerationsMaking exp as an alchemist is possible, though harder than with a melee guild, and potion search provides some exp, too. Still, as with merchants, it is better to gain exp in some other build, then reinc.
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