Nepos's guide to BatMUD guilds

Welcome to BatMUD! This guide aims to assist new players with the choice of the guild to play. It also provides an introductory description of all the available guilds, as well as a short explanation of the most common skills and spells that can be trained.

This guide is split into three sections. The first one is aimed at entirely new players and covers the selection of the guild to start playing as. It also introduces all the available guilds, and provides some information as of why each of them is or is not a suitable starting point.

The second section discusses skills and spells. Far from a comprehensive resource, the section aims at explaining the most useful choices only.

Please note: this is NOT a complete BatMUD guide. It's not even a complete guide on guilds - notably, there is no section about multi-guild combinations. BatMUD is a very big and complex game, which takes many years to learn fully. There are many, many other things to explore, other than your guild choice. Focusing on guild selection and skills is a good start, however.

If you find any imperfections or errors, please do let me know!