Passable guilds

This section lists guilds that are not perfect newbie guilds, but that can still work decently enough for you.

Reavers (Evil religious)

Reavers are a polearm/axe using offtank guild themed around destruction, with skills that let them destroy various items. The guild focuses on gathering destructive energy, which then unlocks more powerful skills and other options. Self-healing options, however, are somewhat limited early on.

Tzarakk is a better option in the evil religious background early on, but Reaver is a viable alternative, if you don't mind being somewhat weaker for some time

Note that if you do not use any reaver attacks for more than a week or so, you start losing destructive energy. If you are planning on playing infrequently, this may not be the best guild for you.

Tigers (Evil religious)

Tigers are a melee martial arts / assasin themed guild. They work reasonably well without much equipment, and do not need to invest into any weapons. The guild also offers invisibilility, which helps with exploring. Self-healing is also available, although rather limited.

The joining process is somewhat annoying, especially as the guild is still considered "secret". It involves finding Tenji (for males) or Akemi (for females) wandering around Furnachia and joining at them. Ask for a tenji/akemi location quote on wanted.

If you don't mind the somewhat annoying joining process, tigers are not a bad option to consider. Focus on dexterity, constitution, and strength.

Shadow Sabres (Civilized)

A fencing melee guild using short blades. Functionally fairly similar to the other melee guilds.

Downsides include lack of self-healing and fairly low maximum health. Focus on dexterity and constitution.

Not the best newbie guild because of the downsides, but still a workable option. You can try adding a couple civmage levels for some basic healing, but don't expect it to make much of a difference.

Folklorists (Civilized)

Folklorists are a caster guild, they offer a combination of three different functions - blasting (attack spells), protective spells, and healing. While these generally aren't as good as their dedicated healing/blasting counterparts, folklorist is nonetheless an useful guild with an interesting playing style.

Being a blaster guild, folklorists work well in a party, when you have a tank to sit behind and heal (or blast at mobs from safety). Your healing spells are not as good as the tarmalen ones, but workable.

Much of the folklorist gameplay involves exploring various areas, studying mobs to gather the so-called study marks, and collecting healing and poisonous plants to power up their spells.

Focus on wisdom (for healing and protective spells) and intelligence (for blasts).

Ghost Liberators (Good religious)

Liberators are a melee guild that is quite a bit more complex than most other melee guilds, which is considered a good thing (variety and more things to do), but it can also be rather daunting if you are still learning the basics of the game. Additionally, the guild works best when combined with the Animists guild - without it, the guild is still decent, but not as good as some other options.

Monks (Good religious)

Monks are a melee martial arts guild, somewhat similar to Tigers. Unlike tigers, monks do not get any of the assasin-themed functionality, focusing instead solely on martial arts. Instead, they get a selection of 12 martial arts moves, which can be trained without spending any experience at all - you complete quests at various trainers. This makes monks a fairly good choice for a new player.

However - monks do not get much in the way of self-healing, and their health is a bit on the low side, too. These are fairly substantial drawbacks, but if you are willing to live with them and have enough patience to work on the martial arts quests, the guild is worth considering.

Tarmalen (Good religious)

This is the primary healer guild of the game - if you want to be a healer, this is where you want to be.

Obviously, this guild is highly reliant on finding parties to heal - as a new player, this could be difficult. Unless you are playing with some friends already, I would recommend picking something else for the time being.

If you want to play this guild, I'd recommended that you gain at least a couple millions of exp in some other guild, then reincarnate/recreate to tarmalen. Without some exp to put into the basic healing spells, starting as a healer is really hard.