Guilds to avoid

This section lists guilds that you don't want to play. Ignore at your own risk.

Knights (Civilized / Good religious)

Knights have an interesting theme, but unfortunately are fairly weak and annoying to play. They have some use in certain builds, but overall there are better options to consider.


I have no personal experience with this guild, this assessment is based on reports from other players.

Civilized fighters (Civilized)

This guild is entirely abandoned, and does not offer anything interesting. If you want to play a tank in a civilized background, join the shadow sabres instead.

Civilized mages (Civilized)

This guild is also abandoned and outdated, not to mention weak. While it can work as an inexpensive introduction into magic, there are better guilds for that. All in all, its only purpose is to add spellcasting to a civilized hybrid tank build, and folklorists or runemages do this better.