Other important skills


Reduces endurance cost of using skills. Very important if your guild offers it.


Reduces endurance cost of moving in the outerworld. Important if you can't use a mount.

Riding and Combat riding

Only offered by mounted guilds. Riding determines what you can ride, combat riding is essential for staying in saddle during fights.

Camping and Fire building

These skills speed up your regeneration between fights - if your guild offers them, they are very useful to have.

First aid

Allows you to revive an unconscious party member. Cannot be used in combat. Useful to have in parties, but not essential early on - the Tarmalen version of this skill works in combat.


Adds more output to the consider skill (this is the "use consider at mob" one, not the simple "consider mob"). Cheap to train to 50-70, but not needed very often. Mostly used to determine how much exp you would get for a mob.


Can prevent ambushes. Important if you plan to lead parties, useless otherwise.


Good to have if your race cannot swim naturally - caster guilds get the Water walking and Floating spells instead.