Good religious background

This background offers several front-line and back-row guilds, including the healer guild.

Ghost Liberators

RoleMelee, focused on offense and defense
DescriptionMelee guild that liberates ghosts from evil mobs and uses their various skills. Usually the best choice for a tank guild in the good religious background. Ghosts provide a good variety of utility skills. Not very strong on its own, requires Animist levels to function fully. Provides some healing and protective spells.
WeaponsLong blades
Important skillsGhost slash, Holy seance, Ghost affinity
Important spellsGhost armour, Ghost link, Ghost companion
Rep/questsGuild missions in spiritworld give temporary bonuses and are needed for some quests. Liberating ghosts and completing guild quests allows training Daunting presence and provides boon points that can substantially improve some skills. Guild quests also give +10 hpmax per.
Other considerationsPrevents joining Nuns. Offensive skills work best against evil mobs, and suck against good-aligned ones. Highly recommended to take Animist levels too. Liberating ghosts cannot be turned off, preventing soul gathering skills of evil religious and lich party members from working.
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RoleMelee, focused on offense and defense
DescriptionMelee guild focusing on partial arts. Generally not as good as weapon-using guilds, but offers a good selection of special attacks that do not require experience points to train (you instead complete quests to get them).
WeaponsMartial arts
Important skillsIron palm, Vital points, special attacks
Rep/questsQuests that give the special attacks.
Other considerationsHighly recommended to take Animist levels too.
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RoleMelee, focused on defense
DescriptionMelee guild with good defensive skills, but weaker offensive ones. Generally better to join Ghost liberators instead, unless you want a hybrid build with Nun levels. Its Congregation of virtuous allows some healing and protective spells to be cast on all good-aligned party members at once.
Important skillsPrayer, Righteousness, Congregation of the virtuous
Rep/questsKilling evil mobs and completing guild quests gives reputation that unlocks several auras and improves Congregation of the virtuous.
Other considerationsHighly recommended to take Animist levels too.
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RoleSupport melee guild, must be max level Liberator, Templar, or Monk to join
DescriptionThis is a secondary support guild that offers two big additions - mounts, and a soul companion. Mounts improve your defense, while the soul companion is used for both defense and offense. Ghost liberators get them both, Templars only get the mount, and Monks only get the soul companion. The guild also offers a couple of support skills.
Important skills/spellsDepends on your other guilds
Rep/questsBoth the mount and the soul start very weak and must be improved by collecting mount reputation, fighting with the soul, and spending experience on soul skills.
Other considerationsAvailable features depend on your guild combination.
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See the Civilized background. Joining in this background is possible with max level in Templars or Ghost Liberators.

Followers of Tarmalen

DescriptionThis is the main healer guild in the game - if you want to play a healer, this is where you want to be. The guild has a wide range of single-target and party healing spells, along with protective and utility ones. It provides no offensive spells.
Important skillsCast heal + mastery, Cast help + mastery
Important spellsCure serious/critical wounds, Minor/Major heal, Minor/major party heal, Unstun/Unpain, Deaths door
Rep/questsUsing healing spells on other increases your guild rank and lets you train Way of the tarmalen, which slightly improves the spells and provides occasional "critical" heals. Some spells are also trainable after you reach a certain rank.
Other considerationsUsually combined with the Druids guild for utility spells.
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RoleProtter, support
DescriptionThe most important part of this guild are its protective and utility spells - it offers several powerful defensive effects, lets you transfer mana to another player, shapechange to improve your stats, and more. The guild also offers some offensive spells, but these aren't as good as their counterparts from other guilds (unless your INT is really high).
Important skillsCast runes + mastery
Important spellsCharge staff, Flex shield, Earth skin, Earth power, Replenish energy, Transfer mana, Drain pool
Other considerationsUsually combined with the Tarmalen guild for healing spells.
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RoleBlaster, protter
DescriptionNuns are a blaster guild with some protective and healing spells. Blasts only work against evil and undead mobs, They are one of the most complex guilds in the game, and are not recommended for newer players. INT and WIS are the required stats.
Important skillsCast/mastery skills
Important spellsBlasts/heals
Rep/questsCompleting guild tasks is required to be able to train most skills/spells - most of these require a party. Tasks also give +int/wis/spr. Killing evil mobs gives purity that improves various spells. Several other types of tasks are also available and required by various guild features.
Other considerationsNun blasts only work against evil-aligned or undead mobs, and do nothing at all against neutral or good ones - because of this, it is recommended to have a second guild (usually tarmalen or druid) to fall back on. You need to have an invitation from a member of the guild Synod to join this guild. Reputation is partially lost if reincing out prior to achieving elder status.
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