Nomad background

Highest hitpoints, but no spellcasting abilities. All the guilds in this background are melee-oriented.


RoleMelee, focused on offense
DescriptionFighters with wilderness skills. The guild is great for new players and offers good regen and travel skills.
WeaponsAxes, long blades
Important skillsBladed fury + supporting skills, Camping + mastery, Fire building + mastery
Reputation / questsYou can complete ranger quests and use the points to pick boons that improve some skills. The quests generally involve using ranger skills and some patience/luck.
Other considerationsPrevents joining Disciples of Chaos and Kharim.
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RoleMelee, focused on offense and stunning
DescriptionFighters with potent stunning attacks. Requires building up reputation to be effective - without it, the guild is fairly weak. Can't solo very effectively because of limited regen options. Barbarians with good reputation are highly valuable exp-party members.
WeaponsAxes, bludgeons
Important skillsLooting and burning, Battlecry, Lure, Barbaric ways
Rep/questsBurning corpses improves reputation that makes battlecry/lure work better. Becoming full effective requires gathering 50k rep.
Other considerationsYou lose some reputation (about 10-15%) if you reincarnate out before reaching elder status (100k rep).
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RoleMelee, focused on offense
DescriptionMelee fighters using arrows. Unlike other games, our archers are a front-row melee guild - they can work as a back-row guild, but are sub-optimal when used in this way.
WeaponsBows, crossbows, and slings
Important skillsHop back, bow/slingshot/crossbow shot, rapid shot/rotation/winching
Rep/questsArcher quests and collection of weak points improves damage against various types of opponents and allows picking archer boons that provide various bonuses.
Other considerationsTraining the Hop back skill to 100% is a must.
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Crimson brigade

RoleMelee, focused on defense
DescriptionFighters focused on defense. Crimsons don't do much damage and can't solo very well, their main strength lies in their ability to protect other party members. Crimsons can train all the important defensive skills to 100%, including dodge/parry and rescue. Requires a lot of exp - the guild offers no advantage over others if you can't afford the skill costs. Valuable in equipment and def-exp (tank+blaster+healer) parties.
WeaponsPolearms, long blades, but can use any type
Important skillsDefensive skills, Stalwart stance
Rep/questsBigger kills (60k+) yield combat points that allow training some skills.
Other considerationsThis is a party guild, not really suitable for soloing.
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RoleMounted melee, focused on defense
DescriptionMounted guild with good defense options. As the guild requires a mount and lacks good offensive skills, it is recommended to combine it with Beastmasters.
WeaponsPolearms, long blades, bludgeons
Important skillsRiding, Combat riding, Mastery of mounted combat, Assault/Battery/Charge
Other considerationsRequires taking 10 squire levels first. Accessible to the Civilized background as well.
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RoleMounted melee, focused on offense
DescriptionA guild that focuses on taming various beasts and training them. Ideally combined with Cavaliers, as the guild offers poor defensive skills.
Important skillsTame mount, Heel, Guided strike, Ride underground
Rep/questsTaming/training various mounts, beastmaster quests
Other considerationsRequires taking 15 squire levels first.
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See the Evil religious background.